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Young, Jewish and Proud

If you haven’t yet seen the Young, Jewish and Proud declaration, you really should take a look. It was launched as counter-protest at the 2010 Jewish Federation General Assembly in New Orleans, where a number of phenomenal young activists disrupted … Continue reading

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Demonstration 5 June 2010

SJJP marched in Edinburgh yesterday, protesting the siege on Gaza and the killing of activists who were taking humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza. The demonstration started at the foot of the Mound at 2 pm, and we marched along Princes … Continue reading

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Flotilla — easy activism

Sign the Avaaz petition for an independent investigation into the raid, and for an end to the Gaza blockade. Check out protests happening in your area, or organise one. We’re also circulating news of local actions on our mailing list.

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Waking up to the morning news today, I thought of a D’var Torah from a couple months back, written by Rabbi Michael Shire of Leo Baeck College for Parsha Vayikra: How can we say anything in the face of daily … Continue reading

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Naomi Klein on boycott, divestment, and sanction

Via Julie at Modern Mitzvot, I learn of this article by Naomi Klein on boycott, divestment, and sanction (BDS). Here at SJJP we’re of mixed opinion as regards BDS, and many of our membership do support and participate in the … Continue reading

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Airstrike on Gaza

I haven’t known what to say, except my very meager two pence: There is no way, there is no way it’s acceptable to kill civilians on this kind of scale. There has got to be another way.

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Wolf prize money donated to Birzeit University

The algebraic geometer David Mumford, one of the three winners of the Wolf prize this year, is donating his share of the prize money to Birzeit University — a Palestinian university, and Gisha — an organisation that promotes Palestinian freedom … Continue reading

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Action on Gaza blockade

Here’s some armchair activism for you, in protest of the Gaza blockade. For everyone: sign a petition urging an end to the blockade and a free flow of supplies: To the United Nations, the European Union, the Quartet, the Arab … Continue reading

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US and Israel to boycott UN meet on Gaza blockade, while Gazans rush to Egypt

Border crossings into the Gaza Strip have been closed for a week, stopping shipments of all imports except “emergency supplies”, resulting in shortages of fuel, food, and medicines. A section of the fence at the Rafah crossing was toppled early … Continue reading

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More on double standards

An op-ed by Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz raises the question of whether the Isreali government actually wants peace at all. One may or may not agree with his conclusion, but he highlights some important examples of the Isreali government’s double … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the demands made to Hamas

The Palestinian government is constantly being told that it must renounce violence and recognise the state of Israel. Here’s the thing: Hamas has no incentive to renounce violence as long as Israelis aren’t being told to do the same. And … Continue reading

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Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, and all that stuff

So I’ve been putting off posting this, because I couldn’t figure out what to say about it. My first reaction was a sigh, “it goes on.” At some point, I almost stop being surprised. Almost. I cannot grasp what anyone … Continue reading

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British Jews on Gaza

Jews for Justice for Palestinians published a full-page advert in the Times on Thursday, in a statement titled “What is Israel doing?”, expresses opposition to the Israeli response to the capture of Gilad Shalit, and which calls for opposition to … Continue reading

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More on collective punishment

The Gaza blockade continues. The UN warns that the Isrealis are will be worsening a humanitarian crisis if they do not restore the fuel and electricity supplies to Gaza that have been suspended for the last four days, depleting emergency … Continue reading

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Update on the academic boycott

Despite the opposition to NATFHE’s motion on boycotting Israeli academics who do not publicly declare opposition to the occupation of Palestine, the motion passed narrowly at the NATFHE conference this past weekend. The motion has sparked some strong reactions. Technorati … Continue reading

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Natfhe and the academic boycott

The National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (NATFHE) has put forward a motion to

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Those who live in glass houses…

…should not threaten to sue Ahmadinejad. ‘A group of Israeli diplomats wants to sue Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for incitement to genocide. Lawyers are preparing to send a file on Mr Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly called for the destruction of … Continue reading

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Quick roundup.

The Israeli Supreme Court has upheld a racist law that prevents Palestinian Arabs from living with Israeli Arab spouses or family. The Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has said that the ceasefire will be extended if the Israelis withdraw to … Continue reading

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The effects of cutting off foreign aid

As Gideon Levy points out yet again, not only has it caused a humanitarian crisis for which the Israeli government and the Quartet are responsible, but because it ultimately attracts support for Hamas and involves the Quartet in a diplomatic … Continue reading

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Not just Gaza

Cutting off aid to the Hamas-controlled PA is having a severe impact on Palestinians. The West Bank economy has been dependent on foreign aid since before the election, and the lack of aid now means that public-sector employees are not … Continue reading

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