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The Palestinian Hunger Strike

A week ago today, a dramatic development took place in Israel/Palestine, almost unnoticed in the UK’s mainstream media. To mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on April 17th, 1200 Palestinian prisoners began a hunger strike in protest against the worsening conditions of … Continue reading

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Yom haShoah

I went to the Holocaust Memorial Service in Princes Street Gardens on Thursday. As every year, this short service provided a moving contrast between the events it commemorates and its surroundings, an island of peace in the midst of the … Continue reading

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For the JC, the glass is always half-empty

This is a screenshot from today’s edition of the Jewish Chronicle’s weekly newsletter. Not to say that we shouldn’t be concerned for the people of Manchester, of course, but the JC’s presentation is idiosyncratic as ever:

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Malcolm Rifkind at the Edinburgh Literary Jewish Society

Sir Malcolm Rifkind came to talk to “The Lit” last Sunday about the Arab Spring. Given that he and I are rather far apart on the political spectrum, I enjoyed his talk very much and found surprisingly little to disagree … Continue reading

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The BBC “reports” on Iran

I have just listened to a report on the BBC Radio 4 programme The World At One, “discussing” the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan today. This is what I wrote: I wish to complain about the … Continue reading

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SJJP statement on the conviction of Paul Donnachie

Scottish Jews for a Just Peace notes with concern the outcome of the case against the St Andrews’ student Paul Donnachie in relation to the alleged complaint of Acting in a Racially Aggravated Manner against a fellow student Chanan Roziel … Continue reading

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The Palestinian Gandhis

I’m currently at Limmud (huge conference on Jewish learning and culture) , which is a mixed experience for a Palestinian sympathiser. There’s plenty of discussion on Israel/Palestine, some of it indeed with Palestinians; today I listened to Walid Salem speak … Continue reading

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Press Release on the Jewish Boat to Gaza

This went to the Scottish newspapers (Herald, Dundee Courier) today (we sent a similar letter to the Scotsman): Jewish Boat to Gaza boarded by Israeli forces and taken toward Ashdod port – press release issued 28 September, 2010 (This boat … Continue reading

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Raja Shehadeh

Raja Shehadeh, author of Strangers in the House and Palestinian Walks, spoke at the Edinburgh Book Festival at the launch of his new book A Rift in Time, in which he follows his great uncle’s flight from the Ottoman police … Continue reading

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SJJP condemns Israeli attack on Gaza relief flotilla

SJJP today issued the following statement: Scottish Jews for a Just Peace join with thousands across Scotland and the world in condemning Israel’s brutal attack in international waters on the international aid convoy that was headed for Gaza. Despite Israel’s … Continue reading

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How the Settlements Grow

I don’t normally just link to other people’s posts, but I couldn’t pass this up. If you have ever wondered where the land comes from for the illegal settlements, this video will help you understand, though it won’t make you … Continue reading

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Antonine Friendship Link

I went to Falkirk last night (yes, it’s an exciting life in SJJP) to speak at a meeting of the Antonine Friendship Link. To quote from their website: Falkirk was chosen as our venue because of the proximity of the … Continue reading

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Mohammad Othman released

Mohammad Othman and Jamal Juma’, the coordinator of the Stop the Wall Campaign, have been released from prison, after spending respectively four and one month in administrative detention. No charges were made against either man. Amnesty International recognised them as … Continue reading

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Fun at the expense of the JC

I don’t normally reproduce other people’s postings, but this appeared on the JustPeaceUK mailing list where most people won’t see it, and I couldn’t resist: I am beginning to think those people are right who say the amount of antisemitism … Continue reading

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Open letter to Gordon Brown on the Goldstone report

The Times yesterday published, as a full-page advertisement, an open letter to the Prime Minister supporting the Goldstone Report and regretting “your Government’s failure to endorse the Report and its recommendations at the United Nations General Assembly”. It was signed … Continue reading

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Scottish Parliament motion on Mohammed Othman

Mohammad Othman is a human rights activist and a volunteer with the grassroots “Stop the Wall Campaign”. On 22 September 2009, Mohammad arrived at the Allenby Bridge Crossing. He was returning home, to the West Bank, via Jordan, from his … Continue reading

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Settlement News

An early-day motion proposed by Phyllis Starkey on settlement goods labelling will actually be discussed in Parliament on 2nd December: That this House endorses the call by President Obama for a full and complete freeze on all Israeli settlement building … Continue reading

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What does Israel have against a Palestinian stadium?

If you want a single example of why occupation is wrong and counterproductive, even when not a single life or livelihood is threatened, read this story by Amira Hass of how the IDF is forcing the demolition of a football … Continue reading

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The Goldstone Report

In case you’re not up to speed on the Goldstone report, here’s a crash course (for viewers of US TV serials: “previously in The Goldstone Saga…”). I’ve tried to stick to the brief facts. Sorry, no links – I may … Continue reading

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Amira Hass – “Lifetime Failure Award”

Amira Hass is a courageous and outspoken journalist who has lived in Gaza and the West Bank, and often writes highly perceptive pieces in Ha’aretz and elsewhere about the occupation. On Tuesday she accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award from the … Continue reading

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