Hilda Meers z”l

SJJP recently lost our oldest member, Hilda Meers, who died last month. The following eulogy is composed from the heartfelt tributes of several of our members:

Hilda was a committed anti-fascist with a long history of fighting against fascism in the north-east and elsewhere.  She was an author who amongst other things had written about resistance in the Nazi concentration camps; she was a firm believer in the strength of the trade union movement and in its role as the core of anti-fascism; and she was a committed campaigner for human rights in Israel/Palestine. She was proud to be a Jewish campaigner for peace and against injustice, and enthusiastically took part while she was able, even in her motorised scooter, in SJJP activities and events. As such, she stood in a long and honourable tradition of Jewish values rooted in challenging oppression and fighting for social justice. In person, she was a hugely sympathetic person with a strong sense of justice that she combined with a political understanding that brought together head and heart.

Hilda’s passing is a huge loss to the movement and though she will be sadly missed, we know that she would certainly have echoed Joe Hill’s last words: ‘don’t mourn, organise!’

The Aberdeen Press and Journal published an excellent obituary.

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  1. Ian (Macpherson) and I were just talking about Hilda and what a great, indomitable spirit she was, so I thought I’d google to find out her age. I first knew her in 1999 and never could fathom it. We’re both so sad to read that she died recently, but are immensely cheered to have also found a You Tube clip of her reading poetry. A wonderful free spirit who used her energies to help make the world a better place for all.

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