We were there

Photos from the August 27th protest against the Batsheva dance troupe performance in the Edinburgh International Festival (click on images to see full-size):

2 thoughts on “We were there”

  1. You might have a little more credibility if I saw Scottish Jews for a just peace taking to the streets for the Syrians who are being massacred in their thosuands or if I heard your voices raised for the young Down’s syndrome girl falsely accused and in a pakistani jail, or the boy whose dismembered and brutally tortured body was found there
    As it is your blind ill-informed bigotry directed only against Israel shows you up as being one track ponies. I do hope you are not hypocritical enough to use any of the benefits Israel gives you but of course you aren’t just by using your computers, mobile phones and vocie mail etc, to say nothing of some of the drugs which may one day save your lives

    1. I don’t believe that anyone calling for justice in Israel/Palestine will ever have credibility in your eyes. You surely can’t be seriously saying that you would listen to what we say about military occupation, annexation, eviction, restriction of movement, detention without trial, and all the rest of it, if we were also protesting about injustices elsewhere. Would that make what we say about Israel/Palestine more true somehow? The argument doesn’t begin to make sense.
      And your second argument seems to be that industrial innovation in Israel should make us stop caring about injustice in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. That also seems a complete non-sequitur.
      Are these really the best arguments that we will hear from the defenders of occupation and settlement?

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