Demonstration 5 June 2010

SJJP marched in Edinburgh yesterday, protesting the siege on Gaza and the killing of activists who were taking humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza. The demonstration started at the foot of the Mound at 2 pm, and we marched along Princes Street to the US Consulate, and then to the First Minister’s house, where we stopped briefly for speeches. Then we marched back to the foot of the Mound for the rally. It was a fantastic turnout, and heartening to see so many groups out to show solidarity.

The BBC coverage of the demonstration is available here, and is reporting a turnout of 3,000, although on-the-day counts were nearer 5,000. There was also a demonstration in London yesterday, with attendance between 2,000 and 5,000, but we heard reports of 20,000. Both the Edinburgh and London marches were peaceful.

We handed out this leaflet (pdf) at the Edinburgh demonstration.

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