SPSC on Atzmon, again

A follow-up to this post: Mick Napier of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has written a highly critical article on Atzmon. (At the time I’m writing, the SPSC server isn’t working, but you can get a flavour from an extract here). I can’t resist ungraciously pointing out that Mick doesn’t actually mention anywhere that the SPSC recently gave Atzmon a platform, but the main thing is that in this piece he recognises the danger that Atzmon and his allies represent both to Jews and to the Palestinian solidarity movement by bringing genuine anti-Semitism into the campaign. That’s a very welcome statement.

One thought on “SPSC on Atzmon, again”

  1. There is no need to be ‘ungracious’ – we have always been open to discussion with all currents in the Palestine wider solidarity arena; just communicate. It takes a while, and some energy to find out about Atzmon. I never blog or read blogs – this is a rare exception. Scottish PSC discovered Atzmon’s bizarre ideas through a process of dialogue and have now broken off all contact with him. His ideas are ugly when they are decipherable. His philosophy is reminscent of Adrian Mole.
    It behoves all of us to oppose Israeli crime and British complicity and to debate secondary issues as we go along. Excluding the extreme right.

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