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Our letter appeared in full in the Herald today, with no fewer than 20 signatures!  It was interesting to see how easy it was to get people’s responses and signatures, compared to previous times. Obviously that’s partly because the Lebanon war has been (and will continue to be) such a sharp crisis, but I think this might be the start of a lasting increase in people’s willingness to speak out for justice in the Middle East.

A number of factors combine to silence Jews in Britain who want to say “not in my name”, including (at least) a sense of loyalty, discomfort with the idea of being identified, a feeling of powerlessness, and fear of the reaction from within our own community. These form a powerful combination, but we’ve seen over the past week that if we can overcome our isolation we can get a lot of strength from one another. It would be nice to think that this is the beginning of a sustained campaign.

6 thoughts on “SJJP Letter in the Herald”

  1. May I, as a Christian who recently visited Israel and the West Bank, say how my spirit soared when I read your letter in The Herald.

    The usual letters in The Herald from, for instance, the Glasgow-based Israel Information Office are so discouraging.

    Peace, Shalom, Salaam

  2. Shame on you, guys! When Hitler put the Jews against the wall, everybody was killed whatever their beliefs and opinions were. It will not help the peace in the Middle East nor will it save your lives and souls. But then if the cause of Hizbollah is so close to your hearts, you are doing some good work for them. But not in the name of ordinary Scottish folks like myself. I and all my friends support Michael Portillo’s view that “the bloody truth is that Israel’s war is our war”… and you, guys, are fighting on the other side…

  3. Hang in there, “guys”. We are all used to our views being distorted as we attempt to obtain basic human rights for the Palestinian people and redress for 60 year old wrongs. You are most certainly speaking for “many ordinary Scottish folk” of all religions.

  4. And, may I also address Margaret McDonald? Have you, as I have, had the magnificent experience of worshipping in a synagogue in West Jerusalem? Have you, as I have, spent time with members of the Palestinian Christian community in Bethlehem hearing of their despair at their treatment at the hands of the IDF and the settlers?

  5. Margaret McDonald:

    The even bloodier truth is that the disregard of human rights is an atrocity, regardless of who commits it. Suicide bombings are inexcusable. Collective punishment of Palestinians is inexcusable.

    “When Hitler put the Jews against the wall, everybody was killed whatever their beliefs and opinions were.”

    It is not clear to me what part this plays in your argument, but if anything, this seems to imply that we should stand up for the rights of all humans, not just the ones who are Israeli. I’m no fan of Hezbollah and their crimes against Israeli (and indeed Lebanese) civilians. And I’m also not a fan of the IDF’s treatment off Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.


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