SJJP on the August 12th demonstration

We only started organising for the demonstration a few days beforehand, so it was very gratifying to have a good turnout, a speaker (Barrie Levine, who gave an excellent speech), a banner, placards and leaflets. People joined the SJJP group from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and the far North. One supporter, in her eighties, made a 17-hour round trip to join us! She said, like many other people there, that sometimes you just have to act, and this war in Lebanon is such a time.

There was a lot of enthusiasm among the people behind our banner. Protesting against the Lebanon war has given us focus and energy, which have been hard to sustain in the last year in the face of the Gaza withdrawal and the remorseless grinding down of the OPT. No matter what the short-term results of the negotiations over the ceasefire resolution, there’s going to be a need for sustained campaigning for a long time to come. The response to today’s demonstration is a hopeful sign that we can do that.

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  1. Rosie says:

    I’ve been following the protests of peace activists in Israel through messages from Women in Black and reports from Gush Shalom and electronic intifada, and was delighted that SJJP were part of the demonstration in Edinburgh yesterday. It is not easy to swim against the national tide or against the family tide, so I wish you well in sustaining your campaign.
    Women in Black vigils are held in Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth with information on the WIBS and WIB UK websites. Maybe some of your members [women only at the Edinburgh vigil] would like to join us.
    Wishing you well, in peace,

  2. Vic says:

    Great to to see you guys there on Saturday. Not only did you represent the case for peace, your presence challenged some wrongly but widely accepted views even within the anti war movement, and won. I don’t think there was anyone near me who wasn’t discussing how great it was to see your banner. Well done troops


  3. Paul O'Hanlon says:

    Here is a full report with 20 photos of the all Scotland demonstration for Lebanon on Saturday 12th August:

  4. admin says:

    Here are some more pictures of our banner and supporters:

  5. I was both heartened and encouraged to know that SJJP was at the demo, although I couldn’t make the date. Many thanks to everyone who went.


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