Yom Haatzmaut

Today is Israeli Independence Day, the 58th anniversary of the declaration of the independence of the state of Israeli in 1948 by Ben-Gurion.

Via Engage, Hillel Schenker talks about attending a memorial service for the Israelis who have died in Israel’s wars since 1948, and marking Independence Day:

‘So we sat together, Israelis and Palestinians in East Jerusalem, musing about where we’re at. The second intifada and the violent Israeli response have left both people’s licking their wounds. […]

We have lunch together, Israelis and Palestinians, sharing some felafel, humous and full, with pita bread and olives. I say that I will only feel capable of celebrating a really happy Israeli Independence Day when it will be accompanied by a Palestinian Independence Day. And I do believe that that day will come.

“Inshallah,” says Najat.’

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