EU Reports on Israel

The EU has decided not to publish a report on East Jerusalem because of the Israeli elections coming up.

‘Based on information provided by European envoys in the Middle East, it contained “very unpleasant language” about Israel and the security barrier without referring to terrorist activities Israel invokes as the reason for its construction, said an Israel diplomat who asked not to be named.’

How exactly is one supposed to discuss the wall without using unpleasant language? It’s illegal. It is high time for the international community to be critical.

The Haaretz article also mentions an EU report on human rights:

‘Separately – and coincidentally – Monday, the EU published an annual report on the state of human rights worldwide that calls on Israel to “freeze all settlement expansion and halt the construction of the (separation) barrier inside the occupied Palestinian Territories, including in and around Jerusalem.”


The EU annual human rights report – covering the period from July 2004 to June 2005 – looks at EU efforts to combat rights violations across the globe.

While it takes aim at Israel for violating the rights of Palestinians, it also calls on the Palestinian Authority to reform its security forces so “real action can be taken against groups and individuals” who commits acts of violence against Israel and distance the PA from the “accusation of … sustaining an environment in which human rights are not respected.”‘

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