Gush Shalom on the disengagement crisis

Gush Shalom ad published in Ha’aretz, April 1 , 2005:

Great show

The Gush Katif settlers who are willing to leave are unable to do so. Why?

Because as of now – 115 days before the date set for the withdrawal – there is yet no one to decide upon their compensations, and no one to pay them.

On the other hand, everything is done to enable the opponents of the withdrawal to gather their forces and increase their threats.

It seems that Sharon is interested in creating as menacing an atmosphere as possible. Why?

In order to “prove” to the Americans that it is impossible to dismantle the outposts and freeze the settlements in the West Bank, as he promised President Bush.


I would add: Gush says this is a show for “the Americans”. Which Americans, exactly? For the American government, whose word is law to Sharon? Or for American public opinion, which must somehow be brought around to accept the fate — decided long ago — of the West Bank?

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