E-1: The end of a viable Palestinian state

In this clear and concise piece in The Electronic Intifada, Jeff Halper (you know how highly I rate him) explains the significance of last week’s announcement of the settlement of E-1, the corridor connecting Jerusalem to the West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim: “it seals the fate of the Palestinian state”. The settlements to the east of Jerusalem are to be joined up into a bloc which cuts the Palestinian area in two and prevents access to Arab East Jerusalem. If (or rather when) it goes ahead, the Palestinian state can be nothing more than “a set of non-viable Indian reservations”. The map explains everything – as the maps usually do.

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One thought on “E-1: The end of a viable Palestinian state”

  1. And the State Department “has expressed displeasure”, “is seeking an explanation”, “will be raising the matter”, etc, etc. Presumably there must still be people who are impressed by this, or they wouldn’t carry on doing it.

    Story (Ha’aretz)

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