The natives’ time is cheap

Amira Hass writes about transportation in the West Bank:

There is one system of roads for the natives, and it is winding, narrow, long, bumpy, sown with military checkpoints and frequently closed. And there is the system of road for “Whites,” that is, Israelis, or all kinds of people who have been whitened – diplomats, VIPs, wealthy people with permits, merchants, journalists.

Stolen land can be returned, but time is lost for ever:

Time that is robbed while waiting at checkpoints, or waiting for permits, cannot ever be returned. The loss of time, which Israel is stealing every day from 3.5 million people, is evident everywhere: in the damage it causes to their ability to earn a living; in their economic, family and cultural activity; in the leisure hours, in studies and in creativity; and in the shrinking of the space in which every individual lives and therefore the narrowing of their horizon and their expectations.

Full story, from Ha’aretz

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